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Posted 15/4/2015

There is a lot of fragmentation in modern Paganism. It is a faith that is very flexible and that is why so many turn to this path. There are many different religions that come under the heading of Pagan. But in reality there is also a lot of confusion in Paganism today. Modern Witchcraft is greatly misunderstood by the masses and under the heading pagan, there is confusion over the title of Witch, in its many forms.

You realise that Witchcraft is not a religion? It is a craft! Not everyone who practices witchcraft is a witch! You did one spell? Wonderful! It is a start, but do you realise it probably wont work? It can take months or even years to see the results. It takes time to learn, to study the craft, to understand how it works and finally to put it all together. Are you in it for the duration or just because you want to be called a witch? Modern TV and books have glamorised the craft without any real and honest understanding of it.

But delving deeper, I am a person who can not understand dual faith! I mean, how can anybody follow two faiths at the same time, but more astounding to me is, how can anyone follow two faiths that are totally OPPOSITE in their belief system?

Most of us who call ourselves a Witch today are still vary wary of openly proclaiming our belief or our path. Even though a Witch today is nothing like the stereotypic old hags of history that come to the minds of most, we still very often face abuse, snide comments, or nasty retorts. But then there is also nothing to compare us with the fantasy of Hogwarts and Harry Potter.

This phenomenon has created its own problem, teenagers. Most teenage Witches today, they need to do a lot more homework, not from school,  I mean real research, in proper history books, not in the fiction section of the book or video store. They are drawn to the fantasy, not the reality.

I think being a Witch today is about living your life your way in harmony with nature. It is about finding your place in the world and finding peace in your heart. You do not have to cast spells or practice witchcraft. There are so many different types of Witch. You just need to find your path.

It is said those who find their faith are moved by it, it changes them. It is the same is when you find your Pagan faith. Choosing your path? Being a Witch is about knowing you are a Witch and understanding the commitment. Yes, there is a commitment!  It is a commitment to continue to learn, to study, to understand and to use the knowledge you gain. To call yourself a Witch, you must be a Witch, live it and believe in it, which ever path you follow.

Next, the Wicca path.
Wicca is a Pagan religion based on Nature and the belief of the Goddess or God or both. They also have the  Wicca Rede and the Threefold Law, their version of Karma. The Rede a guide of what can and can not be done, the focus being If it harms no one you can do what you will. But the problem it seems is that that many of those who follow Wicca expect ALL witches should do the same. Not all Witches are Wiccan. In fact there are also many Wiccans who do not follow the Rede!

In a lot of respects, Wicca may seem very popular but lets take a deeper look deeper into this. Witchcraft and the term “Witch” has been around for centuries. Wicca has been around less than one century. It is not ancient, it is in its modern form, a modern faith but with many of its roots in the past.

Now if you research “Witchcraft” as a term, I can guarantee that over 95% of results will lead to Wicca resources. This is because most modern information is based on Wicca. To find non-Wicca information, you have to dig deeper.  As Wicca grew, so did its network, where as most traditional Witches remained solitary in their craft. So when someone asked in the Wicca networks about being a witch, practising witchcraft, the responses pointed in the Wicca direction.

As with all things, do not take anyone’s view without checking, rechecking, searching, researching and finding out all you can. Your views may not in fact match theirs, your faith, your soul, your heart. Your path may not match the path they are on.

Finally, the Christian Witch?
This is one I can not get my head around. They are opposites; I can not work out how someone who is a Christian can also be a Witch. If you are a Christian, the basis of that faith is the bible. We are all very clear what the Bible says about Magic, Witchcraft and especially Witches. How can you follow a faith that is in direct conflict with your faith? I can not see how you can be a Christian Witch or, for that matter, follow two faiths.

Many people have converted from one faith to another, but to practice two faiths that in themselves are directly against each other, sorry, nope, I really can not fathom this. You are either a Pagan or a Christian or in conflict of faith!

Again I will point out that everyone has opposing views, different ideas of how things are. These are my thoughts, my views.

as always - Question, Research, Explore, Discover & Learn.

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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