Reality of Being a Witch

Posted 6/2/2016

You have seen the pictures, watched the film, read the books, seen the posts and forums and had your dreams. But what is being a Witch really like? What is the normal, everyday real life like for a simple normal, everyday Witch?

Well, for example, lets take a look at my life!

Ok, lets set the scene. I am single, aged <cough> years old, (not yet an old crone!), have a 20 something year old son that lives at home (you're working it out now aren't you!), have 6 cats and work split shifts Monday to Friday. I am a simple grey witch. My son is an atheist!

So what do you think my day to day life is like?

Lets see...

I get up at 5am on a weekday. My first job after getting downstairs is ensure all my cats have had their morning greeting. Some get their greeting upstairs like Icarus who always cries until he is picked up for his cuddle.  Next job is to feed all my cats who are all screaming at me for food, even though they have a dish of dry food constantly available. While they eat I have to clean the litter trays, get my stuff ready for work, take my medication, recheck the litter trays, regather my stuff for work as some usually goes walkabout via one of the cats, get my coat etc, recheck my stuff, recheck the litter trays, and also at this time planning or scheduling my social media posts! I have to be out of the door by 5.40am!

I get the 5.46am bus into town on cold winter mornings (though I am hoping to start walking again the start of either March or April, depending on the weather). I get to work for my 6am start. My shift either ends at 7.30am or 9am, depending on the day. Two days a week I also do another morning job an hour each shift. the mornings I finish at 9am I often slip into the town shopping. Normal get home time is between 7.45am to 10.30am, depending on the day.

On getting home I have my cats to see to again, all want their loves and cuddles, then checking the litter trays, if its fine some are let outside, empty food dishes are picked up, dry food topped up, water dish cleaned and refilled.

Finally, when the cats have settled its finally cup of tea time! I can get the kettle on, check if the washing needs to go on, tidy up, bowl of hot washing up water prepared, kettle starts whistling so I make and finally get a sit down with a cup of tea., usually surround by cats.

Its now about this time my son gets up, he works nights, he gets home 2.30am, so its usually 10am before he gets up. My son then does the hoovering first so I am trying to get my cup of tea while the noisy hoover is going round plus the cats flying around as they hate it!

Any cats outside are then brought in as at this time of year it is still cold outside and my cats do not like the cold! Washing up is then done, kitchen is made tidy and I finally get a little free time.

This is where I check in on my social media pages and deal with any emails or correspondence that needs sorting out. Also this is when I do any online shopping or browsing, sometimes I even manage to get some webwork done. If its an exceptionally quiet day I may even get some time to do some gaming!

Then its on to lunch preparation, cooking, eating and cleaning up. This usually takes me until 1pm, sometimes later if lunch was later than normal or took longer, depending on what we had. Another sit down, another cup of tea, check the national and local news, and very importantly get the weather for the afternoon and evening. Also time to cuddle the cats again, litter trays emptied, food and water dish checked, another alarm call goes off at 2pm indicating to stop whatever I am doing as it is time to get ready for my afternoon shift..

So its upstairs to get changed and ready for work, take some pain killers for my feet and legs, check my phone is charged plus my headphones and blue-tooth earpiece haven't been cat swiped!

Its off to the bus stop for 2.35pm for my double bus ride to my afternoon job. This job takes me to 6pm so after I finish its back to the bus stop for home. This is either a double bus journey home again or a bus ride and walk if I miss the connection.

Its about 6.30pm when I get home and on opening the door I am greeted by at least two cats, sometimes three, and other times four. Who ever is not waiting for me at the door is waking up, stretching, yawning and then getting their vocal cords on full blast to let me know again they want feeding! (Yes my cats are well looked after, most are rescued!). So its put the kettle on again, feed the cats, check the litter trays, make cup of tea and finally sit down, resting my aching feet and legs!

Once the cats are fed and all washing themselves, I can get my tea. Betime I get that sorted and cleared up its about 7.30pm. By this time I am also tired, very tired! Sometimes I may get an hour on the computer or something else but on the whole I usually just watch some TV surrounded by cats. My bedtime is between 9 and 9.30pm.

Weekends are usually relaxing or catchup days. These are where I get done anything I couldn't get done in the week. As my son is out all day at a club, Saturdays are the day I sometimes take a trip out to town etc or more often they are my relax and switch off days. Sunday is family day, my son and I both have the day where we actually can see each other without either of us going out to work!

Before I go to bed each evening, I do spend five minutes in a special prayer to whichever deity that I need to converse with.

So when is my main witchy work done? It is done when it needs to be done! If there is something I need to do at a certain time, I plan it into that day, otherwise I use the freedom of a Saturday.

On a Saturday I have a long period of time alone in the house to get whatever I want or need or do, which is often preparation work for something in the week ahead that needs to be done at a certain time or some "my time" for anything I want to do.

My life is simple, the practice of witchcraft revolves around me, not me around the craft. My craft work is all kept simple. I do not like long drawn out rituals, they are kept for very special work where there is a very important reason for doing so. I keep most of my magic work simple.

Remember, you make the magic work for you, and use whatever system works for you. It does not matter how simple or complex that magic work is. You use whatever system works best for you and fits into your life.

Just because you are a Witch, doesn't mean you do witchy work all day, every day. You live your life, you incorporate your magic work into your life, as little or as much as you need, in a way it all works harmoniously together.

Remember, just because you are not physically doing magic, doesn't mean you are not being magic!

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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