A Normal Witch

Posted 17/1/2016

So, I get asked a lot, "What is a normal witch?" This question usually emits a bit of a laugh from me! I mean, what is "normal" today? Its anything. Now I am in the UK and here, anything goes! But I think some people think that we witches go round with a broomstick in our hands, along with a spellbook and a pointy hat!

If truth be told the vast majority of us are just normal everyday people going about our daily lives as is everyone else.

There are witches, and pagans in ALL walks of life, but we are everywhere. Do you think you would tell us apart just from looking at us? That person in front of you in that queue, that person could well be a witch, or a Christian, or a muslim, agnostic, atheist, dog lover, cat lover, have children, no children, could own a car, no car, no family, massive family.

So, could you tell who was a witch?

No, not in normal every day life if just looking at a stranger. The one thing that would show is if one were wearing a pentacle or pentagram. That is the one symbol that most wear openly. BUT that would only show them as probably a pagan. There are many, many pagan paths so even then you wouldn't be able to tell.

Maybe they have a T-shirt on that declares "I am a WITCH", would then you say that person is a witch? Or would you think, cool T-shirt, wonder where I can get one!

There are witches out there that make it obvious who they are but they are very rare. But again most of them you still wouldn't be able to definitely know unless you knew, if you understand?

Witches, pagans, druids, the same as Muslims, Christians, atheists, they all go about their daily business the same as everyone else. Yes some faiths wear a burka or hijab, kippah, but do you know what these actually are? Can you REALLY tell who they are just from that? Could you even tell them apart?

Can you tell who is a witch? Probably not? Does it bother you? I don't see why it should. The craft is actually a very personal thing and most do not go bragging about it in normal life. Some close friends may know, some don't tell anyone. It is a personal preference to what you do, who you tell, what you wear.

Now if you were at an event, a gathering then you probably could tell some pagans. But traditional pagan clothing again, you could not really tell who was a witch unless they were wearing what most call "traditional" witch garb!

Now this brings us round to the reason why nearly all witches LOVE Halloween. They get to wear witches garb as normal garb for one day and look "normal"!

No, we are just normal people with a faith and a craft. We are from all walks of life. We are lawyers, police, office workers, politicians, pop singers, rock stars, actors, teachers, shop workers, the list is endless.

Just know, we are everywhere and there are more of us than you think.

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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