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Posted 3/5/2015

I work with crystals, a LOT! I have them all around the house, bathroom, lounge, my bedroom (well that is the limit my son has placed on me!). I also specialise in Divination, so the use of crystals is important in my magic work.

Before doing any divination, your mind must be clear, settled and calm. Unfortunately my job on an afternoon is in a place where there is a lot of negative energy from certain people. At times it can be overwhelming. It can make my evenings very tiring.

This is why I created my crystal dish. This is also the reason, as you will see, many of my crystals are for protection, calming and healing. I also think that is why I am so very drawn to black obsidian. This has always been my favourite.

Black Obsidian SphereBlack Obsidian SphereNow, my with my allowed crystal space being at a premium in my house, I have devised a simple get-around to enable my ability to have instant access to many crystals in once place but in a way they are easy to move, display and use. I found a large round deep plate. I used this to arrange all my "often used" crystals in.

The crystals vary greatly in size. There are tumbled and natural crystals in this collection plus I have 2 pieces of lava brought back from Réunion by a friend a few years ago.

The center piece is my favourite of all crystals, black obsidian and in this case, a sphere. This is a powerful stone, and belongs to the protection group of crystals.

It protects against negativity but often it can bring to the surface any negative thoughts or feelings you have which have to be confronted and dealt with.

For this reason many find this stone too strong to work with. Often considered a vision stone, it can be used for psychic work as well as for scrying.


My crystal dish includes -

Kyanite, lilac, blue and black - meditation, helps with Chakra alignment

Jet - helps overcome depression, promotes positive thoughts & feelings

Rose Quartz - healing and calming, helps sleep, negates bad dreams, helps promote love

Clear Quartz - healing, amplifies properties of other stones, it can absrb, store and release energy

Iolite - meditation, astral travel, helps activate the 3rd Eye Chakra

Selenite - Calming, 3rd Eye Chakra, awareness, meditation

Chevron Amethyst - inner strength, courage, 3rd Eye Chakra

Amber - calming, helps to remove negativity, clarity and wisdom

Sodalite - increases conciousness

Charoite - enhance psychic awareness, cleanses auras, meditation, helps transform negative energy

Azurite - calms the mind, helps focus and conventration

Ruby - shielding and protection, helps concentration and awareness, love,

Purple Fluorite - cleanses the mind, great for meditation

Amethyst - reduces stress, calms and soothes

Labradorite - intellect, psychic abilities, intuition, 3rd Eye Chakra

Calcite - healing, psychic work, astral travel, helps learning

Apache Tears - helps with grief, protection stone when healing, absorbs negative energy

My Crystal DishMy Crystal Dish

Black Obsidian Crystal PointBlack Obsidian Crystal PointThe contents of my crystal dish changes throughout the year and as my magic work changes. The dish makes it easy to put out to recharge in the moonlight and to be able to pick out a certain crystal for a specific purpose.

I have found over the years that the natural rough crystals have felt better in my hand easier for me to work with than the smoothed tumbled stones. This also has in some ways made it harder to find the rough crystals to work with as most places just stock the tumbled. The crystal has to feel right in my hand, not just with vibrations but with the actual feel of the crystal in its shape and size.

I am lucky I have a good "gut" feeling and many online shops have taken the effort to ensure their photographs show the actual crystal you are buying, not just a generic picture. So far all my crystals, but one, have been just right.

It took a while for me to find the right crystal selection but I have been doing this now for about six years and I now know which ones work well for me together and which ones to keep separate.

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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