I Got A Tattoo

Posted 3/9/2017

It has been a busy few months. recovery from the cancer treatment, returning to work, long lasting side effects, tiredness, it all takes its toll. Cancer changes you. It makes you look at everything with different eyes. It also makes you reconsider what you do and don't do. With me, it was a tattoo!

I had always wanted a tattoo (well I actually wanted two!). After going through such an awful procedure as chemotherapy, I finally decided that I would finally get the tattoo. I always wanted. A simple pentacle. I had always wanted a pentacle on my left arm and a gothic cross on my right arm but as I had a mastectomy and lymph node removal from my left side, now having a tattoo on my left arm is impossible. So it is down to what to have on my right side so it had to be a simple black pentacle but I also decided that I would put GothWitch underneath it. After a quick call to my union rep to ensure I was not going to fall foul of any workplace policy regarding tattoos, I had 3 weeks holiday coming up so it off I went to get booked in. 

Off I trotted to the local tattoo studio that had just relocated to the end of my street. I was met by a wonder lady who was the mother of the tattoo artist. I had spent the previous week designing my simple design and so I took a copy of it with me. What a job to get booked in. I never realised how busy the tattoo studios could be, 10 days ahead and still no gap! So much for using my three weeks off for healing.

Well, she went over to Luke and showed him my design and the diary and after a flick thorough his busy diary he found somewhere to pop me in, a week ahead, a Thursday morning, 11am. I paid my deposit, I was booked and committed!

Next, I am a wuss! I freely admit I am a pansy when it comes to pain and needles. My next stop was getting some numbing cream! Sorry for all you die-hards out there, if I can reduce the pain I will, I have been through enough recently! Off to my little local chemist and before long I had a small tube of emla cream in my pocket.

So the day arrives, I am all ready for my ordeal, waiting for 10am to put on the emla cream and my phone suddenly indicates a text message, at 9.55am! Could I go at 12.00 not 11? So here is waiting for another hour. Luckily the studio is only 5 minutes from the house, so with my home designed tattoo in hand, my arm hopefully numbed up with cream, off I venture.

The studio is small, its quite and its kind of relaxing. Luke was lovely. I had no idea what to expect. First bonus was my design could be immediately copied directly without any alterations. My image was put the rough the printer and it was stamped on my arm. And here we go.....  buzzzzzzzzzzzz......

Well, it was different!. At this point I can not say how effective the emla cream was as I had never had anything like this done before but it wasn't unpleasant or painful. it was just like a sandpaper being scraped over my arm. Luke was lovely, kept chatting away and less than an hour later it was done! At that point my My first tattoo - Pentacle with GothWitch underneathMy first tattoo - Pentacle with GothWitch underneatharm was wrapped in clingfilm and aftercare explained, then off I trotted back round the corner home, my first tattoo completed. I was well happy.

If I had known how easy it was I would have done it years ago but that is the past. So over the next few days, I have to admit I had no problems with it at all. I had no weeping, pain, discomfort or any other problem. I kept it clean and well moisturised and each day watched my tattoo continue to heal.

Its been just over 2 weeks since I had it done and I am totally over the moon with it. It is in the perfect place, and it feels totally right. I have no regrets about having it done. In fact I have been musing about having the gothic cross done afterall, if I can decide where to put it. I also may add a few red roses to this pentacle, who knows. They say getting tattoos is addictive. I do not think I would go that far, but getting a cross, yes, I just may have that done, somewhere.... well you only live once, and cancer being the bitch it is, im living my life now.

My GothWitch Pentacle TattooMy GothWitch Pentacle Tattoo

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