Do I Need A Coven

Posted 31/1/2016

I have received a few emails asking this question.

The simple answer is NO. 

You do NOT have to be in a Coven to practice or even to learn to be a Witch or to learn or practice Witchcraft, though if you are being taught by someone in a Coven, they may require you to join theirs. There are many benefits to being in a Coven but there is no actual requirement to be actually in one though.

Many starting out on the path of becoming a Witch, if they approach a practitioner of the Wicca faith they may be told they must join one but, really, you do not have to.

There are many different ways of practising Witchcraft, of being a Witch and this is where the pros and cons come in of being in a Coven.

So, you get with a Coven support, usually a Book Of Shadows already complete or a lot of information already contained within. Lessons on how to do everything form casting the circle, rituals, casting magic etc to the rules and the Rede.

But the important thing to remember here is is that you are learning someone else's way of the craft.

So, how does a Coven effect you being a Witch? Now if you are into a very ritualistic way of doing things, enjoy the deep immersion of the Wicca path, learning about the Wheel, following the Goddess and the Rede then yes, maybe that path is for you. Have you researched Wicca? Have you learnt about what being in a Coven entails?

Maybe you want to join one and find you are lucky enough to live close to a Coven to be able to to. On the other hand maybe you are no where near one and wish you were so you could have the support of one.

Being a Witch is not about how many rules you follow, if you follow each date on the wheel, honouring the Goddess and creating the circle each time you do a ritual.

Lets look at Christianity a moment.

The Bible has its rules. The Church has its rules. You can do this, you can not do that, it is wrong to do this but you must do that. Sound familiar?

Like I said, there are many ways of following this path, and the most wonderful thing is you can do it your way.

It is about doing it the way that feels right for YOU, that feels right in your heart, in your soul, in your very being. You can make it as simple or as ritualistic as you want. You follow your heart, you listen to that inner voice that takes you in the direction that is right for YOU!

Now, about going it alone. You learn about the craft yourself. Yes, it is harder, its a LOT more work but, you discover who YOU are! No two Witches are the same. The Wicca faith has brought together a lot of witches on the same path, but it does NOT suit everyone.

There are a LOT of witches out there who are not Wiccan. There are a lot of Witches out there who are not in, or have ever been part of a Coven. There is something that binds these Witches together though, something that most do have in common. They are Solitary! It means they practice alone.

I am a Solitary Witch. I also forged my own path.

So ask yourself, how do you want to practice Witchcraft? Do you want to be able to do your own thing as times to suit you with as much simplicity as it needs? Or do you enjoy the whole Ritualistic way of doing things? Learning to be a Witch is learning to do what feels right to you. It is no good copying of someone else as their way will not necessarily be the best way for you. Unless you actually step off the well-walked road and forge your own path through the forest, you will never find the hidden treasures of what lies ahead for you.

I have nothing against Covens. I think they are very beneficial to those who truly fit in, enjoy and accept their ways, they enjoy the company, the family feeling. I think though everyone should, at some point, also try going it alone. Have a go and learn to research, study, explore and discover things for themselves to find where they really belong.

So do you need a Coven? I think the question is, do you NEED a Coven...

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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