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Posted 4/1/2016

It has been a very busy few months for me, and there have been a lot of changes in my life.  Part of what has kept me busy is an escapade with 2 cats! One went missing, one was rescued (if you follow my twitter feed or Facebook page, you will have an idea of what has gone on).

Anyway today I saw on my own facebook feed a post that I actually liked but knew it was going to cause some divisions and arguments. This was the post....


Well you can imagine....

Anyway I did not get into the debate as such, but I did post a comment. It simply said that I wish that  Wicca practitioners of Witchcraft, when approached by someone asking advice of how to become a witch, learn the craft, where they start etc would remember one very big point, Wicca is NOT the only path.

I have found so many coming to my main GothWitch site, contacting me, saying that they found it difficult to find anything not based on Wicca. Even when asking on forums, in groups, on social media etc, it seems everyone was on the Wicca path and would only point them in the same direction.

The thing about Witchcraft, in fact Paganism as a whole, is the ability to tailor it to your own specific need, to be able to follow your heart and soul without someone saying "you are doing it wrong".

We have to be open and honest with those looking to start on the path. We can not just give anyone only one percent of a myriad of different options available, if we do, we are stifling their ambition, their calling, the path they are suppose to take if they listen to their heart. If the Wicca path is right for them, they will take that path, but it is not and they are put on that path, chances are they will turn away and remain lost.

We must remember that just because we think that a certain path is the best way forward, we must give others the opportunity to learn and discover for themselves where they their destination lies.

The best way forward to help anyone discover the craft is to teach them to learn, discover, research, study and then learn, research and read more! This is the path of any pagan,research, study and learning! yes we can answer questions they may have but we must never pre-determine what their path should be, that is what they are here for, to discover that for themselves. Wicca is very ritualistic and some are looking for a simpler path. In fact you will find that most Witches who are not Wicca are Solitary Witches and have a very simple magical life.


Now, back to the debate about the actual post!

Wicca, is it Ancient? Ok this is MY view. NO!

Yes, it is based on a variety of different teachings, some of which are very old or in themselves Ancient but the Wicca faith itself is a modern religion. You can not take bits and pieces of other faiths and religions and put them in a mixer, blend them together and then call then end product Ancient.

This point is very upsetting to those on the Wicca path but they fail to realise that it does not diminish their faith, it strengthens it as it has survived and is thriving.

Now please remember that I am not Wicca, and probably my comments may offend some but we are all entitled to our own opinions of such things. We are allowed to debate such things and these in themselves help us to define our path and know where we truly belong.

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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