All Change on my Websites

Posted 6/6/2017

Still battling the after effects of the Cancer treatment, I have started to make a lot of changes in my life. One of which is the size, number and scope of my websites. I have decide to cut, prune, rearrange, merge and otherwise do what is necessary to reduce the time, effort and cost of keeping things running.

Fighting with Google over their "mobile friendly" policy has taken its toll. Even though all feedback says my site IS mobile friendly, Google still refuses to acknowledge as such. Bing, Yahoo etc all confirm it is but Google point blankly says no. As it is the biggest search engine my hits have taken a dive. So changes had to be made.

At first, with the raging tiredness etc I was feeling I had decided to end my hosting completely. But as things started to improve slightly I have decided to keep just 2 of my website projects on. Before deleting my other projects I have merged information over. I have moved my blog from GothWitch Grimoire onto here as well as a large edit of this site. Many pages have gone, some have moved. (I have tried to create redirects where possible!) I have reduced the overall size of the site, both in number of pages plus some pages have also been trimmed.

My aim is to keep things simple and affordable both in ongoing financial and energy cost, both of which right now are in short supply!

I have set up redirects where possible for moved pages and those that have been deleted are directed at this blog so you understand the changes to the site.

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