Cancer Returns

Posted 23/9/2018

No one ever makes a 100% recovery from cancer. No one, once they have had cancer, are cancer free. There is always something hidden. It is still in you, waiting, watching, biding its time until it decides to wake up and attack again. It can be weeks, months or years. You MAY be lucky and it never returns but that is rare. I think being told you are cancer free is wrong. You should be told that the current cancer has been dealt with but we must keep on our guard just in case. I never believed I was cancer free. I always believed I would get it back (well a 5.5cm lump plus it was in 15/16 lymph nodes, I was under no illusion.)

Now, after this battle, after nearly 2 years of being cancer free, 8-9 weeks of nearly every kind of scan you can have at my local hospital, I have just found out that my cancer has returned in my bones. I now have bone cancer in my sternum, back, hip and pelvis. It is NOT curable. It is now a point of managing it. I am about to have 2 new medications added to my routine.

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I Got A Tattoo

Posted 3/9/2017

It has been a busy few months. recovery from the cancer treatment, returning to work, long lasting side effects, tiredness, it all takes its toll. Cancer changes you. It makes you look at everything with different eyes. It also makes you reconsider what you do and don't do. With me, it was a tattoo!

I had always wanted a tattoo (well I actually wanted two!). After going through such an awful procedure as chemotherapy, I finally decided that I would finally get the tattoo. I always wanted. A simple pentacle. I had always wanted a pentacle on my left arm and a gothic cross on my right arm but as I had a mastectomy and lymph node removal from my left side, now having a tattoo on my left arm is impossible. So it is down to what to have on my right side so it had to be a simple black pentacle but I also decided that I would put GothWitch underneath it. After a quick call to my union rep to ensure I was not going to fall foul of any workplace policy regarding tattoos, I had 3 weeks holiday coming up so it off I went to get booked in. 

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All Change on my Websites

Posted 6/6/2017

Still battling the after effects of the Cancer treatment, I have started to make a lot of changes in my life. One of which is the size, number and scope of my websites. I have decide to cut, prune, rearrange, merge and otherwise do what is necessary to reduce the time, effort and cost of keeping things running.

Fighting with Google over their "mobile friendly" policy has taken its toll. Even though all feedback says my site IS mobile friendly, Google still refuses to acknowledge as such. Bing, Yahoo etc all confirm it is but Google point blankly says no. As it is the biggest search engine my hits have taken a dive. So changes had to be made.

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The Big C

Posted 20/11/2016

I have been absent. There are some things that even magic can not block. After a bad start to the year, things took a turn for the worst. If you follow my Twitter of Facebook page, you probably have a clue. In May 2016 I was diagnosed with Breast cancer. Today I had my final injection. Tomorrow I start my recovery. I have seen the adverts that say it is the hardest battle you will face. Until now, I never really comprehended how much of a battle it is. It is also a battle you will never ever stop fighting. It stays with you. I was lucky, I had a very very supportive son and a very strong faith. I am still here.

Real life often gets in the way of our plans, hopes and dreams. I, for one, had never EVER thought I would get Cancer. Its nowhere that I know of in our family. I thought that kept me safe. I didn't like the sun, didn't smoke or drink. I was pretty healthy (without being a health nut!). Even my Dr commented on how healthy I was, pointing to my reluctance to take medicines unless I absolutely had too which was rare!

But all that changed this year. The last six months have been something that I would not even wish on my worst enemy. Unless you have had first hand experience of cancer and its treatment, you really are in the dark. Things start out as a bombshell and slowly turn into a nuclear explosion! Being told you have cancer is devastating. After that you only take in half what anyone tells you and you even forget that.

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Reality of Being a Witch

Posted 6/2/2016

You have seen the pictures, watched the film, read the books, seen the posts and forums and had your dreams. But what is being a Witch really like? What is the normal, everyday real life like for a simple normal, everyday Witch?

Well, for example, lets take a look at my life!

Ok, lets set the scene. I am single, aged <cough> years old, (not yet an old crone!), have a 20 something year old son that lives at home (you're working it out now aren't you!), have 6 cats and work split shifts Monday to Friday. I am a simple grey witch. My son is an atheist!

So what do you think my day to day life is like?

Lets see...

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Do I Need A Coven

Posted 31/1/2016

I have received a few emails asking this question.

The simple answer is NO. 

You do NOT have to be in a Coven to practice or even to learn to be a Witch or to learn or practice Witchcraft, though if you are being taught by someone in a Coven, they may require you to join theirs. There are many benefits to being in a Coven but there is no actual requirement to be actually in one though.

Many starting out on the path of becoming a Witch, if they approach a practitioner of the Wicca faith they may be told they must join one but, really, you do not have to.

There are many different ways of practising Witchcraft, of being a Witch and this is where the pros and cons come in of being in a Coven.

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A Normal Witch

Posted 17/1/2016

So, I get asked a lot, "What is a normal witch?" This question usually emits a bit of a laugh from me! I mean, what is "normal" today? Its anything. Now I am in the UK and here, anything goes! But I think some people think that we witches go round with a broomstick in our hands, along with a spellbook and a pointy hat!

If truth be told the vast majority of us are just normal everyday people going about our daily lives as is everyone else.

There are witches, and pagans in ALL walks of life, but we are everywhere. Do you think you would tell us apart just from looking at us? That person in front of you in that queue, that person could well be a witch, or a Christian, or a muslim, agnostic, atheist, dog lover, cat lover, have children, no children, could own a car, no car, no family, massive family.

So, could you tell who was a witch?

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Back To Basics

Posted 4/1/2016

It has been a very busy few months for me, and there have been a lot of changes in my life.  Part of what has kept me busy is an escapade with 2 cats! One went missing, one was rescued (if you follow my twitter feed or Facebook page, you will have an idea of what has gone on).

Anyway today I saw on my own facebook feed a post that I actually liked but knew it was going to cause some divisions and arguments. This was the post....


Well you can imagine....

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My Crystal Dish

Posted 3/5/2015

I work with crystals, a LOT! I have them all around the house, bathroom, lounge, my bedroom (well that is the limit my son has placed on me!). I also specialise in Divination, so the use of crystals is important in my magic work.

Before doing any divination, your mind must be clear, settled and calm. Unfortunately my job on an afternoon is in a place where there is a lot of negative energy from certain people. At times it can be overwhelming. It can make my evenings very tiring.

This is why I created my crystal dish. This is also the reason, as you will see, many of my crystals are for protection, calming and healing. I also think that is why I am so very drawn to black obsidian. This has always been my favourite.

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Witch, Wicca Witch, Christian Witch

Posted 15/4/2015

There is a lot of fragmentation in modern Paganism. It is a faith that is very flexible and that is why so many turn to this path. There are many different religions that come under the heading of Pagan. But in reality there is also a lot of confusion in Paganism today. Modern Witchcraft is greatly misunderstood by the masses and under the heading pagan, there is confusion over the title of Witch, in its many forms.

You realise that Witchcraft is not a religion? It is a craft! Not everyone who practices witchcraft is a witch! You did one spell? Wonderful! It is a start, but do you realise it probably wont work? It can take months or even years to see the results. It takes time to learn, to study the craft, to understand how it works and finally to put it all together. Are you in it for the duration or just because you want to be called a witch? Modern TV and books have glamorised the craft without any real and honest understanding of it.

But delving deeper, I am a person who can not understand dual faith! I mean, how can anybody follow two faiths at the same time, but more astounding to me is, how can anyone follow two faiths that are totally OPPOSITE in their belief system?

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Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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