Symbols of Witchcraft and Paganism

The Pentagram is the Sacred Symbol of The Witch

Frequently confused symbols: 

Pentagram - The Pentacle - Inverted Pentagram - Sigil of Baphomet

There are many symbols for many purposes, healing, protection, curse, luck, life love. We will take a look at many of these symbols including the Eye of Horus and the All-Seeing eye in greater detail.


PentagramThe Pentagram

A pentagram is a five pointed star and represent the 5 Elements, Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, and Spirit. It is one of the most powerful and ancient symbols in human history. The earliest images of pentagrams have been found scratched into stone age caves, on the walls of Neolithic caves, in Babylonian drawings, it is found in almost every ancient culture and in all four corners of the world. The Pentagram is believed to be from the star shaped pattern formed by the the planet Venus in its journey through the sky as watched by ancient astronomers.

The Pentagram has a long and complex history as a religious symbol. It  is one of the most powerful symbols in human history.
The earliest images of pentagrams have been found scratched into stone age caves. It has appeared in almost every ancient culture including the Mayans and in countries as far apart as India, China, and Egypt. It has been found scratched on the walls of Neolithic caves and in Babylonian drawings. Hebrew scriptures are abundant with references to pentagrams.

The Pentagram appears in many ancient writings including the Hebrew scriptures which are abundant with references to the pentagram. To the Greeks and Babylonians where it was used greatly, the Pentagram stood for magical energies. The Greeks thought it had magical properties and called it the Pentalpha. The five-point star has also been known as the star of Isis

The pentagram was used extensively in Greece and Babylonia. To the Greeks and Babylonians, the pentagram stood for magical energies and associations. Greeks who thought it had magical properties called it the pentalpha. Found scrawled in caves of ancient Babylonia, the five pointed star was believed to be copied from the star shaped pattern formed by the the planet Venus in its journey through the sky.

For a time, a pentagram was the official seal of the city of Jerusalem and it is reputed to be a powerful symbol against evil, and, if worn, shields the wearer. Before Christianity tainted the symbol it was worn or adorned on clothing showing off without fear the wearers practice of witchcraft freely. Those who wore a pentagram or showed a pentagram adorned on their clothing would show off without fear their practice of witchcraft freely.

One point up - Positive / Light:      used for granting good luck, health, protection, etc.


Pentacle with spellbookThe Pentacle

A pentagram enclosed within a circle becomes a pentacle, although pentacles do not always contain pentagrams. It has been known under many different names including "The Druid's Root", "The Witches Star" & "The Pentalpha."

The pentacle is also knows as the "Endless Knot" as it should always be always drawn in one continuous line

A pentacle is considered an amulet that is used for magical invocations, rituals, and spells. The pentacle is meant to be a symbol with which the spirit draws upon for added strength and energies for these spells and rituals. It is said a pentacle crafted from silver binds the energy of the Moon and gold it binds the energy of the Sun.

In most Pagan and Witchcraft traditions it symbolizes the element Earth. The five-point star has also been known as the star of Isis. A Pentacle symbol should be your first acquisition being worn at all times for protection.


An inverted pentagram in a circle becomes an inverted pentacleInverted Pentagram within a circle becomes an inverted Pentacle

This is NOT the Satanist symbol. The Sigil of Baphomet is actually the official symbol of the Church of Satan.

An inverted pentagram in a circle is an inverted pentacle. As the name describes, inverted depicts single point is aligned down and the two points of the star are aligned up. It has long been associated with evil, but that is where there is a lot of misinformation. It is a different symbol, the Sigil of Baphomet with the half man half goat in the symbol which the "Satanists" adopted and has nothing to do with Witchcraft, especially as Satan is a Christian manifestation and We do not believe in Christ or Satan.

It is not as simple as good vs. evil at all. It signifies a different outlook on life. The upright pentagram is more about becoming, where as the inverted pentagram is more about being. The inverted Pentagram draws on different energies, two points up - Negative / Chaos: used for breaking barriers, dismissing bad luck, a new beginning.


Sigil of Baphomet - Goats head in inverted pentacleSigil of Baphomet

The inverted pentacle with a goat's head is called the Sigil of Baphomet which is an inverted Pentagram to which a Goat Head with human male features is placed in the middle. This is then encased in circle as in a Pentacle.

 The Church of Satan was founded in 1966, and it was this cult that adopted the Sigil Of Baphomet where it came to symbolize Satanism. The Church of Satan designed the symbol as a goats head drawn within an inverted Pentagram, and then enclosed it all in a Pentacle circle. During the Church of Satan rituals this symbol of Baphomet was positioned behind the altar in a focal point, usually on a wall. This symbol went on to be adopted by several other organizations with associations with Satanism.

The origin of the word Baphomet may have come from two Greek words, "baphe" and "metis", meaning "absorption of knowledge. It has also been called the Black Goat, Devil's Goat, Goat Head, Judas Goat and Goat of Mendes. The image of Baphomet is usually portrayed as a half human, half goat figure. It has often wrongly been thought to represent witchcraft as an evil symbol, but it is not used by witches as they do not believe in the devil.

Endless KnotEndless Knot (Do not confuse with the Celtic Knot)

The endless knot or the eternal knot as it is also known, is very symbolic image. Commonly used in Tibetan Buddhist art, is a closed, graphic ornament composed of right-angled, intertwined lines knot overlapping without beginning or end. Other names for it include the Tibetan Knot, the Lucky Diagram, the Knot of Eternity, and the Mystic Dragon and is one of the most favorite symbols in Tibetan Buddhism. It is also a powerful symbol in places influenced by Tibetan Buddhism such as Tibet, Tuva, Kalmykia, Mongolia, and Buryatia and other parts of the Himalayas.

It is thought the Endless Knot may have evolved from an ancient Naga symbol of two intertwined dueling snakes symbolising the interaction of opposing forces which gain union and universal harmony. Also known as The Buddhist Endless Knot, it shows the endless Wisdom and Compassion of Buddha combined with Friendship and Eternal Love bound within the whole of Wisdom.

The Endless Knot is also one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols known collectively in as Sanskrit as Ashtamangala. The other seven symbols are a lotus flower, two golden fish, a parasol, a treasure vase, a conch shell, victory banner and eight spoked wheel.

While the Endless knot originated from Tibet it has migrated around the world, being found in Chinese art and used in Chinese knots as well as its influence being seen within Celtic Knots, integrating itself into so many areas of our modern lives. Many monks who went to Ireland were influenced by the knot-work styles from the Middle Eastern Syrian and Coptic manuscripts and incorporated the design into their own manuscripts such as the Book of Durrow, the Book of Armagh and the Book of Kells. The Irish also integrated the design into their own artwork and ny the 8th century the Celtic knot was widely symbolised.

All Seeing EyeAll Seeing Eye

Generally considered as a symbol of the watchful and protective power of the Supreme Being, the all-seeing eye of God or the Eye of Providence is a symbol showing an eye which is surrounded by rays of light and usually enclosed by a triangle.

It is found in many eras and cultures and the popular interpretation is it's representation that the eye is of God or another Entity that is considered in a solar or heavenly context, is watching over all of humankind.

Often used in divination, hexes, curses, psychic control and all corruption are worked through this emblem. This is often considered to be the symbol of the Illuminati. Some also believe it to be the eye of Lucifer but this is just conspiracy at its worst.


The Udjat, or Eye of HorusUdjat - Eye of Horus

The Udjat, or Eye of Horus, an ancient Egyptian symbol, is traditionally considered a symbol of power with many meanings on many different levels, is a very powerful symbol. Its deepest meaning concerns the inner level of man’s consciousness, or Soul, and the intimate relationship of that consciousness to the world which is observed. It is believed to have a protective aura and healing powers but is also associated with rebirth.

is depicted as a human eye and eyebrow as if looking directly at them. The eye is then decorated with the markings that resemble those on the eyes of hawks. Traditionally it is the right eye that is shown although the left is not uncommon. This is probably because of another myth that say that the eye were from the Sky God, The right eye was the they eye of the sun and the left eye was the eye of the moon, but as the sun was seen as more powerful that was the reason the right eye is usually shown more.

It was a popular funerary amulet to give protection in the next world - one was found on the mummy of Tutankhamun.


The HexagramHexagram 

It is one of the most  potent symbols used in the working of the powers of darkness. Mainly used to work dark magic.

The hexagram is thought to be the most evil and most powerful of all symbols in witchcraft and the occult, it consists of 6 sides, 6 points and 6 smaller triangles, thus 666.

The hexagram is considered to be Satan's most powerful symbol. The hexagram is used mainly in witchcraft to conjure demons to the world  making them appear in this dimension to do the bidding of the witch.

According to former Satanist, Bill Schnoebelen, “a hexagram must be present to call forth a demon” and ” it is a very powerful tool to invoke Satan”. In fact the word hex, as “to put a hex on someone” derives from the word hexagram.


Other General Pagan Symbols

A table depicting various symbols of witchcraft and paganism with meanings



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