Witchcraft from the GothWitch

 I am a Witch but I am not a Wiccan.
I do NOT follow the Rede

A Wicca may be a Witch
but not all Witches are Wiccan

There was a time all people believed in God and the Church ruled
It was called the Dark Ages

Today most everything about Witchcraft is labelled Wicca
This site is NOT based on Wicca

Magic is all around us and has been part of us since the dawn of humanity. But just because something is dark, it does not mean that it is evil. Part of life is to learn to distinguish between good and evil as it is to distinguish between right and wrong.  Every person has a light and dark side even though most deny it. But this does not mean that everyone is evil, or even good for that matter. There is a balance within most people that comes from learning, knowledge, experience and understanding. People fear what they do not know. But what they do not understand is that by embracing both their light and dark sides, they can empower themselves with greater inner peace and take better control of their own life and destiny. Never stop learning.

While I was wandering, looking for my own path.
I researched, looked, read, researched more, read more, followed posts on social media. 
I joined Facebook Groups, read the Wicca Rede, all the time questioning.
And it was always the same question.
What is my path?
I never felt at one with the Wicca path, The Rede
, The rules.
It felt too much like another religious path.
I knew inside who I was.

I was grey.

I felt comfortable in the middle looking to both sides.
Positive and Negative? White and Black?
Without both, there would be no balance.
Fear comes from the unknown.
Study it, understand it, know it.
That was the start of The GothWitch
It is based on listening to your inner self.
Learning to trust your instinct, to be an individual.
So many different thoughts and ideas around.
There are so many paths for the Pagan to walk.
Knowledge is at the heart of everything we know.
Question, Research, Explore, Discover & Learn
Create your OWN path

"Come to the dark side, we have cookies!"

The GothWitch


Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.


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