There was a time all people believed in God and the Church ruled
It was called the Dark Ages

Witchcraft from the GothWitch

I am a Witch but I am not a Wiccan, I do NOT follow the Rede

A Wicca may be a Witch but not all Witches are Wiccan

Today most everything about Witchcraft is labeled Wicca.
This site is NOT based on Wicca.
It is based on listening to your inner self, learning to trust your instinct, be an individual.
Question, Research, Explore, Discover, Learn and Create your OWN path.

So many different thoughts and ideas around, welcome to my little corner. There are so many paths for the Pagan to walk, knowledge is at the heart of everything we know. Magic is all around us and has been part of us since the dawn of humanity. But just because something is dark, it does not mean that it is evil. Part of life is to learn to distinguish between good and evil as it is to distinguish between right and wrong. 

Every person has a light and dark side even though most deny it. But this does not mean that everyone is evil, or even good for that matter. There is a balance within most people that comes from learning, knowledge, experience and understanding. People fear what they do not know. But what they do not understand is that by embracing both their light and dark sides, they can empower themselves with greater inner peace and take better control of their own life and destiny. Never stop learning.

"Come to the dark side, we have cookies!"

The GothWitch

*All views here are my own. Yours may conflict with mine as mine do with others. If you do not like the content then please leave and take your views elsewhere.*
*Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, their own thoughts, feelings and views on things. If you do not like my site, please take your Troll and move on.*

Druid, Shaman, What are the Pagan paths

What is witchcraft today?

To Be A Witch
Do you really want to be a Witch?

Witch or Wicca?
Wicca Witch or non Wicca Witch

Book Of Shadows or Grimoire?
The self-penned book of any spell caster

Your Magic or Craft Name
What is a craft name? Do you even need one?

Tools Of The Craft
Do you have to have a wand to be a Witch?

Deities & Pantheons
Who do I work with?

GothWitch Grimoire Spellbook
Free spells for love, life healing and hexing

Magical Writing
Prepare, research, write and cast your own powerful magic

Magic For Change
To Manifest Change. How do you begin to be reborn?

Invocations, Rituals & Chants
Simple magic chants, blessings, rituals and invocations

Dragon Magic
How do you find your own Dragon guide?

Egyptian Magic
Bast & Isis spells, invocations & blessings. 

Moon Magic
Moon cycles to increase the power of magic

Candle Magic
The simplest form of magic for everyone

What are the different methods of Divination?

Tarot & Oracles
Introduction to Tarot & Oracle including my decks

Crystal Balls
Scrying is one of the oldest forms of divination

Casting the Runes, what is the history of the "blank" rune.

Are you Physic
An Introduction to Psychic Development

What is the difference between these?

Dedication is needed for Ancient Sorcery

Sorcerer Or Sorceress, it's for life

Gothic or Dark Magic
Gothic, Dark or Black Magic

An Introduction To Necromancy

Understanding Poppets
A doll made to represent a person

Pantheon of Chaos
Gods and Goddesses of the dark side

Rocks & Crystals
Crystals, a natural mystical treasure of the Earth

Understand Chakra
For magic to work you must be in tune with yourself

Sacred symbols and the difference between them

Tools and Altar
What is an altar? Do you need one? What tools do you need

Essential Oils & Potions
Essential oils including recipes and special blends

Correspondence tables
Everything you need to prepare your spells and rituals

Resin Incense
Wood Resin with Charcoal For Relaxation, Meditation and Divination

With roots in Indian astrology and gypsy fortune-telling

An introduction to your life through numbers

Mayan Astrology
Introduction to the Calendar and Wavespell

The Zodiac sign of Aries, Good and Bad

Year Of The Dragon
Chinese Astrology featuring the Dragon

Scrapbook of Inspirations
Inspirations about everything that will make you laugh, cry or smile

A Glimpse into my Library
Take a look at a selection of books that I recommend

GothWitch Quotes
Images that show my thoughts on Magic, Witchcraft, Gothic, Love & Life

Birth chart
An Astrological Reading based on the time of your birth

About this Website
What is the purpose behind the website?

The Gothic Witch
What is the history of the Gothic witch?

Meet The GothWitch
Meet the person behind the GothWitch

The GothWitch Blog
Updates about what is happening here